Our Timeline in Metaverse of Madness

Tanim-ul Haque Khan
5 min readFeb 22, 2022

Before you start thinking oh yet another article about metaverse , let me give you a summary of what I’d be discussing on this article. You can easily decide whether it’s a skip or read easily in 10 seconds.

In this article I’d like to make a prediction of what we are going to see soon and what we can realistically expect to see soon And the limitations. yup, That’s it. It’d be a realistic assessment of metaverse. I’m going to discuss what is instead of what would be. Today over tomorrow. Here we go.

Undeniably we are transitioning into the sci-fi era of humanity. This may look like a soft transition but we have already stepped on it and there’s no going back. It doesn’t matter which tech giant will have the most control over it. The vision is very simple. We are going to delve into the digital world.

I’d rather talk about the limitations of metaverse over sci-fi possibilities. First of all we have to realize in terms of hardware we are still not there yet. We see all these VR/MR headsets, and they are doing their utmost best to tone down the pricing but it’s still very very expensive all around the world. For a second lets forget about expense the headset design itself is just unrealistic. The ideal metaverse demands one of two types of hardware. Something lightweight like our glasses even better lenses with fully MR experience. Something like Nreal

Or Neural Network VR where your consciousness will be transferred to digital world while your body will rest in a secure location. Yeah like those dystopian movies. We will probably see some lightweight MR glasses pretty soon though. But those won’t be cheap any time soon.

Metaverse is basically our universe in virtual reality & mixed reality. While unnecessary it’s still going to happen. Everyone will wish to jump to the latest tech and move their business to metaverse or at least try to use the name metaverse in any way possible. Just like when blockchain came everyone wanted to have that in their product whether they needed it or not.

Sooner than later they would realize most end users aren’t ready to accept the metaverse yet. Primarily because most of them are using budget mobile phones and can’t afford new expensive MR glasses.

Then what? Next they would want to ship the lowest form of metaverse currently possible. That would be a some sort of 3D experience in web browser. And by web browser they mean mobile web browser. Then they would realize most mobile browsers aren’t ready to do that either.

Then what? While most people would keep wondering how we can provide something we don’t have right now. Some people would start working on things that is possible. We would be seeing a few new services emerge & a few new startups based on this. I wonder if Meta would be able to ship their virtual social media first before someone else snatches it from them?

Here’s one of the ideas I believe that will come to life very fast..

Meta News/Weather Anchor

I don’t know if you have seen the Matrix-Unreal Experience yet. If not, take a look before you continue forward.

One of the pictures bellow is a real-time 3D rendering and another one is a real picture. Try to figure out which one is which.

It’s okay if you can’t. The first one is a 3D rendering. In terms of 3D Graphic we have more or less achieved perfection. Maybe in 2–3 years you won’t be able to tell the difference anymore. In short this has become production ready. And what can we do with this technology? Well yes of course possibilities are endless. But I’d prefer to focus myself in one very specific direction. Sooner or later most movies will be done in this way. But what can we do now?

I was thinking we could develop a tool using this super realistic animation technology that Unreal Engine 5 has provided us with on which we could totally replace the need of news anchors or weather report anchors. Admit it, it’s very stressful to be the host of any live show. And in live shows we need to be almost perfect. And humans will make mistakes. Humans will fall sick . Humans will be late. But imagine a virtual anchor who’s never going to make a mistake. Will never go off script. Will never fall sick. And of course relive humans from stressful jobs. A solution like that would save tons of money over the course of time which can be better redirected to something new.

Well china is already ahead of us. They started 3D AI news anchor even before Unreal Engine 5 was here with this tech demo.

Whether you like it or not, this is probably going to be the first meta-solution that’s going to hit the market. Why do I think so? Because in terms of technology there’s no gray area. Only reason it’s not out there is because either nobody started working on it. Or someone didn’t announce their product yet. And I’m quite sure media from any part of the world will jump on it as it is not going to be expensive and will save millions down the line. Unlike other gimmicks of metaverse, this has actual business value.

Yes, metaverse is a disruptive technology. It’s going to change how we used to think about business. As I said we have entered the sci-fi era. Anyone who won’t move forward would blow away as dust. Remember when smartphones started coming up, Nokia didn’t join. And we all know what happened after that. Similarly anyone who’s going to reject metaverse will simply get discarded.

What does this mean for most businesses? Well I have bad news for a few businesses. For example once we have full blown mixed reality glasses, makeup Industry will be gone. Just like that. Makeups are already very advanced in augmented reality. Once mixed reality glasses become standard they will have their own avatars or own makeup presets. At that point actual make-up would become irrelevant. After all we would be seeing an augmented representation of everyone.



Tanim-ul Haque Khan

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